2019 Goals

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A little late with this post as most people would have broken their resolutions by now but we are still in January so I just made it. 

This year instead of my usual resolutions where I mentally list the usual lose weight, exercise more etc…. and then end up failing in the first two weeks like the majority. I am doing it all differently this year. Although I don’t like resolutions on a whole, I did want to have some goals for the year to help give Chris and I some idea of what we wanted to achieve and give some direction for the year ahead. 

Our process this year was to sit down together once the girls had gone to bed and just talked about what we wanted to do this year and what we knew was coming up and then just wrote it all down on a large piece of paper. Great excuse to use the girls colouring pens. We then went through the list and had a look at what was achievable this year and if we didn’t think it was we added it to the 5-year plan i.e moving house, a holiday to the Maldives.  

So here is the list for 2019:  

Finance Goals

  1. Debt Free (not including the mortgage)
  2. Have a six-month emergency fund 
  3. Start saving for a car


  1. Have a buy less year 
  2. Read more books/finish the books I’ve started to read
  3. Continue exercising with Jemma’s Health Hub
  4. Aim for better, not perfect


  1. Regular date/movie nights
  2. Use our National Trust membership more
  3. Holiday to Wales 
  4. Have less food waste
  5. Be more charitable

I haven’t added Chris’s personal list as he didn’t want to share it but was happy for the other bit to be shared. His mainly involves golf, playing more golf, watching more golf and getting more golf clubs ha ha.

I do believe that having them written down or even just spoken out loud helps to put them out in the universe and helps make them more achievable. 

How are your new year goals/resolutions going? 


Happy New Year 2019

What did you do this new years day?

Our family tradition since we had our eldest is to go to the zoo, so that is what we did and to be honest its one of my favorite days over the festive season. The cold weather and the walking around just help to clear the festive fuzzyness from all the overindulging.

The highlight of the day, for my eldest, was the £1 toy you get from those machines my husband decided to buy for her which was the smallest dog in a little tin. As you can imagine we lost ‘puppy’ a number of times!

Obviously had to have a ride on the land train, didn’t see much, only one wolf and a couple of lemurs

All about me!

Hello and welcome, 

I have thought about writing a blog for a while but always talked myself out of it but not today my friend!

Here is a little about me. My name is Felicity and I am 30 years old. I live in Suffolk with my husband and our two daughters who are 2 1/2 and 10 months old. I am currently on maternity leave and am due to return to work part-time in April.  

The reason for the blog is to share my experiences and thoughts on life in an effort to help find who I am again in the fog of motherhood and also have a bit of fun.


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